Laboratory for Physiology and Genetics of Aquatic Organisms

About the Facility

The Laboratory for Physiology and Genetics of Aquatic Organisms is a core facility designed for in vivo experiments on a variety of fish and amphibian species, including zebrafish, brown ghost knifefish, gulf toadfish, goldfish, rainbow trout and other amphibian species, such as the western clawed frog and the leopard frog. The Laboratory is located in D’Iorio Hall of the Faculty of Science and comprises 15 rooms over an approximate area of 500 m². It has its own water treatment facility for dechloramination, sterilization, ionic strength and temperature adjustments.

The objectives of the Laboratory are to provide state-of-the-art core facilities for:

1. The breeding and maintenance of healthy aquatic organisms.
2. Laboratory space for in vivo physiological and genetic experimentation.
3. Training and support for all users.

The facility is primarily used by members of the Faculty of Science, University of Ottawa, and serves over 100 students, research trainees and scientists. Users of the Laboratory for Physiology and Genetics of Aquatic Organisms perform cutting edge experiments in the fields of cellular and molecular biology, comparative physiology, developmental biology, endocrinology, neurobiology and behaviour, and genetics.